General FAQ’s

A:  Call the Election Center at (502) 574-6100 to request that a registration card be mailed to you, register online at GoVoteKY.com, or stop by and complete a card when you visit:

  • The Election Center, 701 W Ormsby Ave, Ste 301
  • Any branch office of the County Clerk
  • The Driver’s License Bureau
  • Any Military recruitment office
  • Designated public assistance agencies

For more information about how to register, visit the State Board of Elections web site.

A:  You may register to vote if you are:

  • A native-born or naturalized U.S. citizen who is 18 years old by the date of the next General Election
  • A resident of the state and county at least 28 days before the election
  • A convicted felon whose civil rights have been legally restored
  • Any citizen who has not been judged “mentally incompetent” in a court of law
  • Any citizen who does not claim the right to vote outside Kentucky

A:  The registration deadline is 28 days before each election. The Primary Election is held the first Tuesday after the third Monday in May; the General Election is held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

A:  December 31st is the deadline each year for changing your political party affiliation to be eligible to vote in your party’s Primary Election the following year.

A:  People who require voting assistance due to temporary/permanent disability or an inability to read English may apply to the County Board of Elections for a certification of a need for voting assistance. A person may also request voting assistance from someone of their choice, or two Election Officers, at the polls. A person may not be assisted by their employer, an agent of the employer, a union officer or an agent of the voter’s union.

A:  Possibly. Make sure you change your address with the Election Center so that you can vote in your correct polling location on Election Day.

A:  To find your voting location, visit Where Do I Vote, or you may call the Election Center at 574-6100. Avoid the last minute rush on Election Day. Find your polling location today.

A:  Proper forms of identification are:

  • Drivers license
  • Credit card
  • Social security card
  • personal acquaintance of an Election Officer
  • Other personal identification bearing both the picture and signature of the voter
  • Any U.S. government-issued identification card
  • Any Kentucky state government-issued identification card with the voter’s picture
  • Any identification card issued by a Kentucky county and which has been approved in writing by the Kentucky State Board of Elections

Note: Voter ID cards issued by the Election Center and Oath of Voter forms are no longer acceptable forms of identification.

A:  Voters who will be outside the county on Election Day may vote in person at the Election Center, 701 W Ormsby Ave, Ste 301, beginning at least 30 days before the election and ending the Monday before the election. Check the website for specific dates and times of in-house absentee voting.

A:  Kentucky law allows mailing an absentee ballot for these reasons:

  • Person who, due to age, disability, or illness, will be unable to go to the polls on Election Day
  • Student who temporarily resides outside the county in which he/she is registered
  • Voter who temporarily resides outside the state, but who is still eligible to vote in this state
  • Person incarcerated in jail that has been charged with a crime but has yet to be convicted of the crime
  • Person whose employment location requires him/her to be absent from the county all hours and all days absentee voting by machine is being conducted
  • Military personnel confined to a military base on Election Day
  • Residents of Kentucky, and their dependents, that are members of the Armed Forces
  • Kentucky citizens residing overseas
  • Person who is a participant in the Office of the Secretary of State’s Address Confidentiality Program

A:  The deadline to return the official “Application for Absentee Ballot” is seven (7) days before an election. You may request an application from the Election Center or the County Clerk’s offices in person, or by mail, fax, or by phone or e-mail to

Call (502) 574-6100 for more information.

A:  The polls are open from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

A:  When his/her 18th birthday is on or before the date of the next General Election.

A:  No. Kentucky has a closed Primary system. The non-partisan registered voter may only vote for non-partisan races or issues in the Primary Election.

A:  No. Only if the voters have moved, have had a name change, and/or wishes to change their political party affiliation.

A:  Voters should contact their political party headquarters for additional information.

  • Republican Headquarters telephone number is (502) 584-7111
  • Democratic Headquarters telephone number is (502) 582-1999

A:  It is settled by lot, the method is determined by members of the County Board of Elections.

A:  View the list of your Federal, State and Local Officials, and a list of officials in your 2nd to 6th-class cities, in PDF form at Where Do I Vote.

For more information about voting in Kentucky, visit the State Board of Elections web site.

To find your polling location in Jefferson County, please visit Where Do I Vote.

A: No. Kentucky doesn’t have early voting. Kentucky has in-person absentee voting.  The reasons for in-person absentee voting can be found in KRS 117.085.

A: No.  The county clerk must transmit all applications for a mail-in absentee ballot by mail to the voter or in person at the option of the voter. The mail -in absentee ballot application may be requested by the voter or by the spouse, parents, or children of the voter, but must be restricted to the use of the voter. KRS 117.085(1)

A: Yes. Voters have to request an application for a mail-in absentee ballot every election. You can call the Election center 4-8 weeks prior to every Election or go on-line to request. https://www.jeffersoncountyclerk.org/AbsAppRequest/

A: Please check with your employer for questions regarding time off for Voting.  KRS 118.035